First days in Bali

After a long good flight, we arrived in Bali. It is really hot here, but it’s nice to finaly enjoy the sun.
We picked up our baggage and dropped it in the taxi to Canggu. The roads are really crowded and our driver crashed into another car! (Nothing bad though). What a good start of our trip.

The first week we are staying in homestay Ombak Bagus, with some friends: David Flinterman, Robbert-Jan Groeneweg, Jeff Arnoldus and Michelle de Jager. Ofcourse I couldn’t wait to see how the surf was! So we made our boards ready, drove to the beach and jumped in. It was a fun first session with nice warm water and waves.

Every morning we wake up around 5/6 o’clock, go for a surf at Echo Beach and have some breakfast.Next week we are moving to the south of Bali, so we can surf spots like Uluwatu, Bingin and maybe Padang Padang. Big swell is coming up!
Surf at Canggu, Foto: Sophia Steevensz

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