Moved up to Jimbaran

After a very nice stay at Ombak Bagus in Canggu, we finaly moved up to our new little house in Jimbaran! We’ve just been here for a couple of days but Jimbaran is a very nice place to stay. It is really central to all the good surfspots like Uluwatu, Bingin etc.
The big swell that was expected to come, did arrive in bali last week. There where a couple of guys charging really big waves of 8 times overhead in Uluwatu! There were also spots with waves of 2,5m perfect barrels. So for me the choice was easy to make I just sticked with the 2.5m barrels.

Here a random shot of one of the 2.5m barrels where I’ve been surfing during the big swell

By the way, last week I picked up my new quiver for my Indo-trip, 2 fresh DHD surfboards!
One Mick Fanning & one D1 Model:
The upcoming days the swell doesn’t look really good, but I will try to surf as much as possible, and hope for some good/bigger swell later up!
Surfpics coming up soon!


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