1st place at Dreams ‘Softtopper’ contest

 A day at a fun contest
  Today Dreams, the Reality surfshop, put up a great event with the priority of having a day with lots of fun! The day started with a new generation of young groms that just started surfing. They showed off some great skills already, great job! Can’t wait to see more of them.
Then the main soft-top event started off with some good heats. There were 24 competitors; some of the old legends and a couple of Westside-locals! Jord Fortman, a good friend of mine, showed off his longboard skills and made his way through to the semi-finals. After watching his heat I had to surf too. It was a close heat, but I ended up second in this first heat, because Robbertjan Groenewegen showed some great soft-top skills!
After some fun in the semi-finals, the finalist were known. It was a close final, but luckly I ended up first!
It was a very very fun day with lots of fun! A big thanks to the Dreams Brigade!
Can’t wait until Dreams starts ´The Double Trouble Contest´ again…
Photo´s: Dave van der Sar & Sophia Steevensz


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