SurfBenelux Teamtrip 2014

After an amazing week in France with the SurfBenelux talents & crew, I can say that I’m very proud of everybody! Each of us made a big step in the good direction. We didn’t get the best conditions to work with, but we still found some really good waves. Once we drove up to Mundaka; a place that can be very heavy, and almost everybody made their way out! So Stoked!

We also had the Dutch National Championships at a place called Saint-Girons plage in France. The forecast didn’t look good, but they made a good call and we could surf the contest on the best day of the week. Our talents had really good results during this contest, almost all of them ended up on the podium! Some of them became National champions, others placed 2nd, 3rd or 4th (like me ;)), but for us they are all winners! Only little Sjoerd Tummers didn’t make it to the final, but he ended up that week as Rookie of the Year of the Surfbenelux team with a lot of progression made by surfing bigger waves outside of his local break Scheveningen!

I can’t wait till the next trip with these guys! Thanks Board ‘N Breakfast for the lovely stay and  Tim Mizee for editing this sick movie!
Check it out!



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