Coaching week 11-18 October @Board ‘N Breakfast

In the first week of the Dutch fall holidays (11-18 October) I will be in Labenne (France) for a coaching week!

Join us!

5 Days advanced coaching and training + photo’s or video’s of every session.

– Photo/Video-shoots + Video analysis

– 11- 18 October @ Board ‘N Breakfast, Labenne, France

435 (including coaching, b&b, lunch and dinner)

– Maximum of 8 participants

– Minimum requirements for participantion:

Being familiar with all surfconditions up to 2 metres, able to make a dignified bottom turn and surf waves to the right and left. In this week you will work on: a.o. cutback, floater, snap, barrel, style and technique.

– For reservations:

photo, Micheal smithsB&B_coaching_NL_web Roy




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