National Competition @St.Girons France

After a good trip to Alentejo, I arrived in France on the 29th of april 2015. There we stayed at Board ‘N Breakfast in Labenne with the SurfBenelux team. We scored some amazing waves; real classic French conditions. One morning I got to spend some time with photographer Ruben Snitslaar, who took a little break of his holiday and drove up to Les Landes to shoot some nice barrel shots from the water. I’m very happy he took the time to pay me a visit in the water, and together we managed to get a rad shot:

Roy van Eijk, photo Ruben Snitslaar

Photo: Ruben Snitslaar

During the first week of may the National competition was hosted at St.Girons plage. On the last day of competition the men rounded of their full competition schedule. The early morning predicted epic conditions, so I decided to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning to surf at Capbreton before i headed of to St.Girons. This meant that I would have the change to miss my first heat of the NC. But luckily it was all worth it! I scored some epic barrels, that I would not wanted to have missed in a lifetime!

By 9 o’clock I was on my way to the competition site, wondering if I could still make it on time for my heat. And I did. I competed, and made it through to the finals. The big swell had dropped in the afternoon, and by the time we could start our final heat, the surf had lost its power. I did not surf my best, and after this long intense day, my energylevel was below performing standards. This resulted in a 3rd place for me at this national competition. Still pretty stoked with that!

NK Surftour 2015 Roy van Eijk



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